Tuesday, 12 November 2013 @ 23:05
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Layout changes mostly. I am hoping to make this blog into something hence the face lift before I officially come back and start posting again. Look out for more personal posts (outfit posts, stuff I've been up to, my design projects etc) since I have a proper camera to shoot stuff with now. I am excited so check back soon!

Wishlist | Denim Coat
Thursday, 14 February 2013 @ 02:21
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Camille denim jacket from Monki. Get it here

You seen right, a denim coat. A piece of blue perfection. Loving how the buttons down the center are hidden when buttoned to keep everything clean and sleek. Too bad Monki does not ship to Singapore, despite it coming down to around 100SGD, I would seriously consider spending some of my new year money on it, since I'm needing coats and all. It's not everyday you see a denim coat, not to mention one looking all neat and clinical almost, like someone dyed a lab coat blue. Am also wondering if anyone has tried wearing one of those, purely for aesthetic purposes, now that I think about it, might be a bad idea because people might actually think you are a doctor and get you to perform the Heimlich maneuver in a restaurant to the guy choking on his food like it happens in the movies. Oh well, I've always fancied the look of them.

Am I strange yet? ;-)

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Nemo struck
Sunday, 10 February 2013 @ 01:13
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Blizzard Nemo resulted in a sudden influx of such beautiful snowy white photos on instagram, photos of streets, cars, trees and benches buried under thick layers of snow. Maybe it's just my love for white kicking in but the pictures are killing me. As much as it must be freezing terribly, what I would give to be in New York now. I'm just imagining how everything looked in the early morning, when then snow was new and untouched.

While we are on the subject, it's funny such a harmless name was picked for a severe power-outage-causing snowstorm. But I'm a sucker for oxymorons, so the name is cool to me.

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